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Organize a regional Christian Peace Witness

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Organize a regional Christian Peace Witness in your community between Easter (April 4) and Pentecost (mid-May), 2010!

Christian Peace Witnesses against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan share a common commitment to nonviolence and a positive tone, as well as the following three common elements:

  • Our witnesses are grounded in meaningful worship
  • Our witnesses include an opportunity for prophetic, nonviolent, direct-action, which offer the participants the opportunity to participate in an act of conscientious, civil disobedience
  • Our witnesses are designed to engage church and government public officials in dialog

If you would like to organize a Christian Peace Witness in your area, click here.

Click here to search for the closest regional witness to you. Please send an email to the organizers of the regional witness in your area to let them know that you will participate, or that you would like to help to organize.

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