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"Whose Children Are These?"

Listen to an extraordinary series of dialogues between Afghan youth and returning U.S. soldiers

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Christian Peace Witness: Conscience in War Project

Christian Peace Witness is committed to making "Conscience in War" a major theme for our work. We seek to foster a serious nationwide discussion on following Jesus in matters of conscience and duty, violence and nonviolence, war and peace.

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Our nation has now been at war for almost a decade. As our soldiers consider re-deployment or combat veterans return to rebuild their lives in light of their experiences in war, we are increasingly aware of the crisis of conscience some soldiers wrestle with and the moral injury some have experienced in combat.

Christian Peace Witness is committed to work for the establishment of selective conscientious objection based on our support of Christians and others whenever they take steps of conscience to reject violence and killing.

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Christian Peace Witness Conscience in War Resource Kit

This resource represents collaboration between the 50+ members of Christian Peace Witness (CPW) and the Truth Commission on Conscience and War (TCCW) as well as other allies working on the issues of Selective Conscientious Objection (SCO). Each of the sections in this document offers portals to action. This document, in its digital form, is also interactive so you can add materials for others which you find are of value.

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