Nonviolence Pledge

All those participating in the Christian Peace Witness are asked to affirm:

We are followers of Jesus Christ, who consistently chose to meet injustice with life-affirming action, and who remained committed to nonviolence even in the face of the most violent kind of punishment and death known in his time. Therefore, we pledge:

  • We will be open and respectful toward each person we encounter.

  • We will be positive examples of Christ’s love for all people.

  • Whenever possible, our witness will be for the power of that love rather than against the evil that we deplore.

  • Our actions will be grounded in our shared worship, prayer, study of the Bible, and reliance on our historic confessions. These are the fundamental building blocks of our faith.

  • We will use no violence, verbal or physical, toward any person, especially those with whom we disagree or officers of the law who feel compelled to arrest us as we carry out nonviolent, peaceful protest.

  • We will not destroy or damage any property.

  • When engaging in nonviolent acts of "divine obedience" that may be seen as breaking the law, we will accept the consequences of our actions.

  • We will not carry anything that could be construed as a weapon.

  • We will not bring or use alcohol or drugs (except for medical purposes).

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