Guiding Principles

Led by faith to peace

  1. Our witness will be grounded in worship and scripture and be dependent on the movement of God's Holy Spirit as we work together for the creation of the “beloved community.”
  2. We will intentionally and consistently link public witness, worship and advocacy.
  3. We will boldly affirm the best of our Christian tradition while we reach out to those of other faiths.
  4. All participants will commit to the principles of nonviolence in our work together.
  5. We will be hopeful and respectful, accentuating the transforming power of God's love while prophetically speaking truth to power.
  6. We will be a movement of volunteers, a growing community of sisters and brothers and partner organizations, expanding the faith-based movement of peacemakers to end the U.S. wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and to stand against violence in our communities.
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